Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Diaper Cake!

I have always wanted to make one of these diaper cakes.  The mom doesn't want to know what she is having so I went with yellow and green.

If you google you tube how to make a diaper cake you can get step by step instructions. Basically I rolled pampers size 2 diapers from the wide end to the narrow end., then put an elastic around it.

Some people put large elastics around a baby bottle and start building from their. I had large plastic cups so I used them and it worked perfect fitting each layer together. 

I had to pull out some diapers on the way to fit things in.  I added some yellow shredded paper for effect. 

So the bottom layer had three rows, second layer two rows and the top layer one row.  I did wrap each layer with a receiving blanket except the bottom, because I needed something longer, so I used a baby towel.  Got some diaper pins to keep them closed then tied bows in the back where everything connected.

Now to deliver in one piece to the shower.  I might get a stuffed animal for the top not sure. Under that hat is a duck in a box so I used it to puff up the hat and used sticky strip to the box and cup to hold in place.

I hope to make another one this year.  They are fun but very expensive.  So festive though.

Thanks for looking

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  1. That is really cute for being your first diaper cake!