Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cute Gift Card Holder!!! Plantin Schoolbook Cartridge

I found the cutest gift card holder on the Plantin Schoolbok Cartridge.  I set the dial at 3 3/4 which is a speck bigger than an actual gift card.  I used double sided paper so I could have a pretty design inside and out.
On the front side I punched a scallop at 1 3/4" in pink then punched a 1" for the white to write the name of recipient. 

Go to Page:  79

Press Tall Ball set dial at 3 3/4" for paper size. Shift, then press on the bottom line button 8  ( in white) on the 5th row. This one will put the hole in the card holder for ribbon or brad.  If you press the Shadow feature on this you won't get the hole. Either way they are cute. Fold on sides and along bottom with your bone folder for a crisp line.

Here are my two versions of the card:  Can't wait to make some Christmas ones. 

You could also put some solid color paper on the front for their name.  Or just put the hole envelope inside a card.

Make sure you use sticky strip on the sides to hold it together good.

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