Thursday, July 15, 2010

Post it Note on Coaster

Here is a 4 x 4 coaster that I bought at Michaels.  They were in the $1.00 bin.  I got 8 for $1.00.  I found some scrap paper and cut at 4 x 4 and trimmed the corners. Glued it to the coaster with the sticky rolling glue.  I topped it with a 3 x 3 post it note.  Then took a large paper clip and attached the paper to it. I did decorate with clip with coordinating paper.  Tied a bow on top of the clip. Hope to be doing a craft fair in the fall with  my friend.


  1. really cute, i;ve been meaning to try and make some of these too :) tfs :)

  2. Thanks Alex I am getting obsessed with post it note holders. I have another one to post too. LOL