Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hershey Nugget Tins

I have seen so many versions of these so I decided to make one. I bought the tins online at

Tin Rectangular Window 5.5" by 3.7" hinged at  They hold 12 Hershey nugget candies.  I then wrapped them with decorative paper.  You can cut a strip of paper at 3" wide.  Then cut 1" accross. I found I had to use a little tape to keep them from coming apart.

The outside I just decorated with two pieces of scrap paper and had a butterfly chipboard to use up.

Great way to use up some scraps and give a nice gift too.


  1. Very nice and love the pattern paper tfs

  2. This came out so gorgeous! I'm sure the recipient loved it!!

  3. Yes these are very popular. Selling them at a craft fair.